"Strategies to support patient education and engagement should therefore be a fundamental plank of health policy".

-World Health Organization

We are ER doctors and software engineers dedicated to enabling patients to understand the causes of illness, protecting their health and taking appropriate actions. With a cumulative ER experience of 50+ years we are well aware of the demands and deficiencies that plague our healthcare system. We understand that much of the wasteful expenditures and overutilization of resources stems from poor health literacy, a lack of dependable self-management tools and an over-reliance on online health information. We created Symptify to effectively promulgate health literacy, facilitate self-evaluation and improve patient navigation.

What is Symptify?

An engaging and easy to use tool that helps users with symptom self-assessment. Unlike other online tools, Symptify uses a vetted question and answer session to determine causes of disease and employs multimedia to aid users in the process of self-evaluation.

This innovative app uses a patent pending, algorithmic engine to help users educate themselves about causes of symptoms. It combines evidence based rules with the user’s medical history and the cumulative experience of multiple ER doctors to help users narrow the causes of their symptoms.

When medical treatment is necessary the user is shown the most appropriate venue for care and is given the option to check in prior to arrival. This ensures expedient care and better outcomes. The facility and provider database can be customized to a subscriber’s needs to reflect only in network facilities and physicians.

Symptify helps users play a distinct role in their healthcare by helping them with self-evaluation and treatment of minor conditions. It is a powerful decision aid for management of acute conditions. Symptify creates a patient-centered healthcare system in which the end result is: the right patient in the right place getting the right care.

Contact us to see how Symptify can help you create a better patient experience and improve patient navigation. You can reach us by e-mail at: info@Symptify.com.

To better health,

Symptify Staff