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We are ER doctors and software engineers dedicated to improving patient navigation and access to care. With a cumulative ER experience of 50+ years we are well aware of the demands and deficiencies that plague our healthcare system. We understand that much of the breakdown stems from poor intercommunication and inherent unpredictability. Our contribution to this problem is the Symptify Check-in App.

Know your patients’ needs before they arrive with the Symptify Check-in App. Click to download

What is the Symptify Check-In App?

The Symptify check-in app is an elegant and easy to use interface that allows patients to check-in to healthcare facilities from their smartphones, tablets or desktops.

This innovative app can be embedded into the facility’s website to more easily capture potential customers while they are browsing for information.

Participating facilities are also prominently displayed on the website which contains the world’s most sophisticated and precise symptom checker.

Advanced notification of this nature has never occurred for healthcare facilities. With the Symptify check-in app you will know who is coming, why they are coming and when they are coming.

With our user-friendly patient management system you can easily view a patient’s history of present illness, medical history and differential diagnosis way before they arrive at your facility. You will be better prepared to meet all your patients’ needs. Ensuring better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

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