Symptify Features & Description

When you need medical attention you should not have to stop for directions. With Symptify’s facility locator you can pull-up a list of ER’s, Urgent Cares or Doctors around your area with the push of a button. This helps you remain focused on getting the help you need and not wasting time getting directions. Be better prepared in case of an emergency with this functionality at your reach.

When you visit the doctor you are always asked about your medical history. This is an essential and integral component of every medical evaluation. Your medications, prior illnesses and surgeries directly impact a doctor’s evaluation of your medical condition. Symptify is not any different. The more accurately and completely you fill in your medical profile, the quicker and more precise your Symptify results will be. Therefore it is always important to frequently update this profile as it will have a direct impact on your future Symptify consultations.

In addition, if you ever have to go to the emergency room, by checking in with Symptify you can choose to make the hospital aware of your medical illnesses, surgeries, medications and allergies before you arrive. By taking control and updating your profile you can ensure you have access to a complete and accurate personal medical profile that is readily available to be shared with medical institutions. The medical charts of many hospitals and clinics are incomplete and inaccurate. Patients are frequently not able to review or update such records. New medication allergies or medical conditions are often not reflected in the hospital records. Much time is spent having to update such records once a patient arrives to the hospital. This is wasteful and often can be harmful to the patient by keeping them from getting the medical attention that is necessary.

By checking in with Symptify you can give nurses a chance to update your records and medical history prior to your arrival.

It is always important to notify close family members or friends about a trip to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. Someone you trust should be with you during these crucial times to assist you with important decisions and completing essential documents. The sooner these individuals arrive to the facility the better. Often doctors have to rely on information provided by family members and close friends when determining a cause of illness or course of treatment. Your emergency contacts can act as advocates for you and can assist in making vital decisions. Alerting family members once in the emergency room can be difficult. Hospital staff is vying for your attention and quite frequently cell phones are prohibited or inoperable. Symptify can help notify such individuals with the push of a button. They will know where to find you and come to your side.

By notifying facilities of your impending arrival you ensure a better outcome for yourself or your loved one.

There are a few things that happen in the emergency room once staff is made aware a patient is coming: 1) a bed is made available and reserved 2) proper staff is made accessible 3) medications and necessary equipment are prepared in advance 4) appropriate doctors are informed and often called in to meet the patient at the door. Because some diseases have better outcomes when the time to drug or therapy is reduced, it is important to alert the hospital why and when you are coming. Symptify helps you create a medical record that allows healthcare facilities be better prepared for your needs. Let the doctor know you are coming by checking in online with Symptify.

Tracking symptoms over time often provides many clues as to the cause of disease. It also helps assess the efficacy of therapies and treatments. Symptify can help you track your symptom history with each repeat consultation. You can later access your consultation history and place comments or specify the action taken. This information can also be shared with your doctor if you choose.

Don’t forget to help improve Symptify by giving feedback and commenting on the accuracy of your results.

To better care and health,

Symptify Staff