Directory of Symptoms

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AAA risk factors
Alcohol How Many AUDIT-C 2
Alcohol How Often AUDIT-C 1
Alcohol How often 6+ AUDIT-C 3
Allergic rhinitis symptoms
Sypmtoms that are typically seen with allergic rhinitis, a relatively benign (not dangerous) condition
Altered mental status (Confusion)
When you feel as if you are "not right in the head" or confused.
Amaurosis Fugax symptoms
This refers to symptoms of possible stroke or TIA of the eye. People will usually experience a "dark courtain" coming down over their field of vision. This is usually painless.
Missing a menstrual period for three or more cycles, not due to pregnancy
Anorexia (peds)
When the child does not show interest in eating or does not eat at all
Apley's Scratch Test
This is a test to check the shoulder's mobility and possible causes of pain.
Arm Drift (Cincinnati Stroke 2)
The "arm drift test" is part of the Cincinnati Stroke Score and is used to screen for stroke. Tell the patient to close his eyes and raise his arms. Stroke patients usually cannot raise both arms to the same height, a sign of arm weakness.
Ataxia (Incoordination)
This is loss of coordination resulting in difficulty walking and grasping objects.
Axillary lymphadenopathy
This means swollen glands in the armpits