Directory of Symptoms

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BPH history
Babinski Sign
This is an abnormal reflex where one's big toe moves upward after tickling or rubbing the bottom of the foot. The big toe is suppossed to move down rather than up
Back Mechanism of injury
Mechanism of injury refers to the way one caused injury. In this case this refers to how the back was injured.
Bell's Palsy Image
If you have a parayzed facial nerve, your face would look droopy on one side as illustrated in this picture.
Biceps pain at 90 degrees
This is a test for biceps tendonitis.
Biceps tenderness
This means pain when touching the biceps muscle.
Bilious vomiting
Vomit which is yellowish in color and sticky. Vomiting bile can be related to many diseases and should be evaluated promptly.
Bite or clenching abnormalities
This refers to misalignment of your bite. Do teeth line up during biting.
Swelling or feeling of swelling in the abdomen that often occurs after eating
Blood pressure reading
Measuring your blood pressure can be easy. You can do this at any firestation, pharmacy, or simply purchase a blood pressure monitroing device. Normal blood pressure is 120/60.
Blurry Vision
Vision in one or both of the eyes is blurred or fuzzy
Bony crepitance or pain (general)
This means crunching or moving of bones underneath the skin when one touches them.
Bony toe tenderness
When pressing on the bone in your toe, you can produce or elicit pain.
Broken skin
A cut, hole, tear, gash, or opening in the skin. This may be painful and may be an entry point for infections.
An injury to your skin that can be caused by radiation, electricity, heat, chemicals, or friction. There are many types and degrees of burn and many need immediate evaluation in the Emergency Room.
bph symptoms
these are symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate