Directory of Symptoms

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Ear Trauma
This means ear injury. Ear injuries can occur from falls, car accidents, objects hitting the ear or from fights.
Ear mechanism of injury
Eczema features
These are features of eczema: dry skin within the past year, involvement of skin creases, begins before the age of 2 and scaling involves the flexing points of the body.
Elbow pain
Pain in the elbow joint
Empty can test
This is a test to check for subacromial bursitis or impingement syndrome.
Ever had this SOB Before !
Extraocular movements intact (EOMI)
This refers to the motion of eyes. You should be able to draw an imaginary 'H' with your eyes.
Extremity erythema
Redness involving any one or more of your arms or legs
Eye Injury or Trauma
This means an injury to the eye from a traumatic event like a fall, assault or moving accident.
Eye mattering
Yellowish fluid discharge from the eye that is usually crusty in the morning, preventing eye opening
Eye redness
This means having red eyes.