Directory of Symptoms

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FABER test is also known as Patrick's test. This is a specific test of the hip used to check for causes of hip pain. It helps physicians to differentiate between sacroiliaic arthritis, ischiogluteal bursitis, iliopsoas bursitis or sciatica as a cause of hip pain.
Falling On Out Stretched Hand. This can cause a specific type of wrist fracture.
Face pain alleviating factors
These are things that one can do to alleviate pain in the face.
Facial Bruising
This refers to bruising or discoloration on the face.
Facial Laceration
This means a cut on the face.
Facial bone crepitance
This means crunching or moving of bones underneath the skin of the face when one touches them.
Facial numbness (traumatic)
This means either numbness or tingling of the face as a result of an injury.
Facial swelling images
Swelling of one or more areas of the face; may be accompanied by redness or not
Facial weakness
Weakness of the facial muscles due to many reasons like nerve paralysis, or stroke.
This means an elevated body temperature greater than 100.4 F or 38C as measured by a thermometer.
Finkelstein test
Used to check for tendon inflammation in the wrist
Fluctuating hearing loss
This is hearing loss that comes and goes.
Foot drop
This refers the inability to dorsiflex your foot. Meaning you have difficulty pointing your big toe towards your head or moving the top of your foot upwards.
Foreign body (ear/peds)
Something that the patient has put into their ear that does not belong there
Foreign body in the eye
An object that has gotten into the eye. This can be a small fragment of something like wood or glass. It may also be something large that accidentally touched the surface of the eye, such as a fingernail or sports ball.
facial trauma
Any injury to your face, from the forehead to the chin