Directory of Symptoms

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Laceration (Generic)
This means a cut or open wound.
Lachman's Test
This is a specific test for an ACL tear. If the lower leg or tibia can move too far forward in front of the femur then it is considered positive.
Leg abduction Hip symptoms
This is a physical examination maneuver to help determine causes of pain in the hip.
Lethargy and irritability (pediatrics)
Deficient in alertness or activity; easily irritable. This could be due to an infection and needs immediate evaluation.
Lhermitte's Sign
The sensation of an electrical shock traveling down the neck down after touching ones chin to the chest.
Loss of smell (anosmia)
Lower extremity changes
This refers to specific skin changes in the legs. Gradual changes in the appearance of skin, nails or hair can often provide clues to ongoing disease.