Directory of Symptoms

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TEST - Dislocated Finger
Testing media on symptom
Breathing fast, usually faster than 20 breaths per minute for adults.
Teeth clenching or grinding (Bruxism)
This refers to the clenching (tightly holding your top and bottom teeth together by biting) or grinding of teeth. Grinding refers to the sliding of teeth back and forth over each other. Many individuals are unaware that they do this because it might occur at night during sleep. This activity predisposes individuals to TMJ syndrome.
Testicular swelling
Swelling of one or both of the testicles
Tick Bite
Tinnitus Subjective / Objective
Tinnitus noise type
Tinnitus timing
Toe discoloration
Discoloration of your toe which may occur from an injury.
Toe swelling
Swelling of the toe which can occur due to an injury or without an injury.
Tongue swelling
Swelling of the tongue, can be associated with severe allergic reactions
This means pain in a tooth.
Trichotillomania Symptoms
Trichotillomania is an abnormal and recurrent body-focused repetitive behavior such as hair pulling. Patients with trichotillomania have repeated attempts to decrease or stop the behavior. The behavior can occur during both relaxed and stressful times, but occur more often during times of stress.