Directory of Symptoms

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Vaginal discharge
Fluid or liquid that comes from the opening of the vagina. May be clear, white, yellow, or gray in color. Sometimes it might look like there is blood in it, also.
Vaginal foreign body
The presence of an outside object in the vagina. This may be a tampon, a pessary or a string from an IUD. This would also include any object placed into the vagina for any other reason.
Vaginal itching
The outside skin or the inside of the vagina is itchy.
Vaginal pain
Pain or discomfort that involves the outside of the vagina (the lips) or the inside of the vagina.
Vaginal swelling
A lump or bump on the skin of the lips of the vagina. It may be painful to touch.
Vertical Nystagmus
involuntary UP and DOWN movements of eyes
Vertigo (Room spinning)
People with vertigo often have the illusion of motion and feel like the floor is tilting, the room is spinning or they are swaying.
Vision loss onset
This refers to how quickly did the visual loss occur.
Is the involuntary, forceful expulsion of the contents of one's stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose.